Sunday in the Succulent Garden

My Little Front Yard Succulent Garden

Two weeks ago I bought six plants for the succulent garden, and this morning I went back to my local Ace to shop for more, and saw the six-packs of succulents were on sale for $3.50! So I bought another pack and planted them today. The soil in our yard is pretty dense, so I also bought coconut peat potting mix and pebbles to mix into my succulent area for better drainage.

Coconut Peat Potting Mix

I tilled the soil a bit, and then placed the coconut coir peat potting mix blocks in a circle around the central tropical plant. Then I planted my six new succulents around the last six I planted. After this, I soaked the coconut coir blocks to loosen the soil, then spread them around all of the plants. I had bought a small bag of pebbles so I just tossed those around the garden and mixed them in with the coconut coir for extra drainage.

Coconut coir comes from the husks of coconuts, and when used as a peat, it has several advantages:

  • Makes dense soil more breathable
  • Renewable resource
  • Reusable
  • pH neutral so it quickly adjusts to any type of garden
  • Absorbs moisture and slowly releases it to plants
  • Anti-fungal

I love coconut, and use it as much as possible. In fact, all of the soaps in my Etsy shop are made from coconut oil and coconut oil/coconut milk combinations. I hope my wonderful little succulents love it, too!

Succulents in the Garden