Suja Fasts, with Crystal Power

In April, my sister and I tried something new, a fast, and we were extremely exciting during the planning phase! Our original plan was to last for five days and nights, consuming only liquids. We allowed ourselves one coffee with cream each morning, but other than that, no soda or alcoholic beverages, only tea, and our newfound fasting friend, Suja (this is not an advertisement). Apparently Suja makes an entire line of fasting and cleansing drinks, and you can even have them delivered with a plan if you want to go on a full swing Suja fast. We didn’t want to spend a lot on this new adventure, so we simply bought a small variety of them at the store, and also got teas and V8s. After day one I told my sister that I felt great! And I did feel lighter and full of energy on day two. We were also excited to find that we had also each lost 2-3 pounds since the previous day! All of this was wonderful until the 48 hour mark, when I came downstairs feeling dizzy, at which point my sister told me I was white as a sheet. I grabbed a handful of peanuts and that tied me over until the next day, when I resumed my usual eating habits.

I think we probably went overboard from the start, but I’m not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet. A recent series of strange happenings has made me want to give it another go. For one, this year’s allergy season has been exceptionally trying for me, and these spring days are too often Benadryl-laden. I’ve also felt a bit off ever since my second vaccination, but don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for the vaxxes. Then there was my knee twister… Who am I becoming??

The point of all of this is that I want to make a conscious change and see if it improves these odd health concerns, so I have decided to start a more responsible fast, and maybe make it into a weekly thing. I downloaded the “fastic” fasting app, which lets you choose time increments based on your level of experience, today’s fast will last for 16 hours, because I am a beginner 🙂 And it gives you a timer and biological updates along the way, which I find very interesting. Right now I am at the stage where my “blood sugar level rises.”

Suja, with Crystal Power

Tonight I am drinking Suja’s 20-calorie “Turmeric Love,” containing cleansing lemon, turmeric, pineapple, and passionfruit. The white quartz crystal pictured here was one of this year’s Mother’s Day gifts from my daughter, and it represents cleansing and healing. I have several different types of crystals that have different meanings, and I love having them around me, both for decorative purposes and their meanings, and I keep them on my most used tables and desks.

I enjoy bringing the natural structure and beauty of crystals into my home, and also use them as a reminder to be thoughtful of the qualities they are believed to possess. The first time I fell in love with the idea of having crystals in my home was when I first toured the Price Tower in Bartlesville, and saw a crystal paper weight on one of the desks. It was perfect.

Last night I went to the Tulsa Zoo Conservation on Tap event and got to see some of my friends for the first time in over a year. It was really wonderful but today my allergies are saying “no more of the outdoors this week, please.” Also, the garden calls but I must stay inside for now if I am ever to get better. Besides, today I got beautiful petunia colored yarn for the freezing February days in my temperature blanket, and Kazuo Ishiguro’s newest book, Klara and the Sun, so the rest of the weekend will be a cozy one of crocheting and reading.