Mermaid Pride Rainbow Candle Making Fun

Mermaid Pride Rainbow Jar Candles

Lately I’ve been having fun making these Mermaid Pride rainbow jar candles for the shop. There is something so satisfying for me in making different candles: choosing the wax and scent combinations, pouring the warm wax, and having a physical item as a result of it. And there was more of a learning curve to making these colored layers than I expected; I went through several jar candles before I got it right! But each one gets better with practice and I now have some up in the shop. They come in a sweet, crisp sparkling grapefruit scent.

If you want to pour your own rainbow candles, here are three important tips I learned:

  • Don’t pour the wax if it is too hot, or it will melt with the other colors. I keep my wax on a low-medium setting on the stovetop.
  • Don’t let any wax drip or splash on the sides of the jar, because the drips and splashes will be visible after the next color pour. It took a little time for me to learn to pour without splashing. If you do splash, you can clean it up between pours.
  • Don’t let the wax in the jar cool too much between pours, because if this happens, wax in another color will slide down the sides of the cooled wax in the jar and it will look very messy. It took me several hours of sitting and waiting to get all of the colors in just right, and not letting the candles sit overnight between pours because they would cool too much.