It’s International Observe the Moon Night

It’s officially International Observe the Moon Night! There’s lots of great moon footage around, but I wanted to focus on the idea of reaching new spaces and really liked how this scene from “View From a Blue Moon” (2015) tied the moon landing in with a surfer’s dreams.

“View From a Blue Moon” Trailer:

The song in the trailer is Kishi Bashi’s “I Am The Antichrist To You” –

He released this story with the official video (below):

“Once he belonged to someone.
He had a big floppy ear like a puppy and a tiny tail like a bunny.
Nobody knew what he was, but it didn’t matter to them anymore.

He was abandoned on the street. There he found a hat that was also dumped, and they both decided to take a journey in search of a better place.

The puppy and the hat sailed away in the dark ocean…
One day, they arrived to The Island, where All the creatures were once someones’
family, friend or lover.
No one can visit the island except the ones who came here abandoned…

He met there the pink bunny with whom they spent many years rediscovering happiness again. Then the numbers from their other world arrived…”