Happy Easter

My pretty skeins of yarn get to see the light of day!

Every spring I get a rush of rejuvenation and pick up a lot of projects that had been swimming around in my head all winter.  This week, I finally found a solution for organizing the skeins of yarn and bottles of fragrance oil that have been sitting in piles and boxes in my craft room, bedroom, and closets.  I found this really cool, affordable, easy-to-assemble shelf set at Amazon and set it up in the music room/office yesterday.  I like how it displays my yarn; I think yarn is very pretty.

Lush! This basket smells really good.

This morning I woke up to a nice Easter rain shower, let me take a moment to say that there are few things I love more than waking up to the sound of rain and watching rain out my window.  And on a practical note, I also appreciate breathing in the clean air that rain brings after being housebound with Benadryl naps from allergies (that means I didn’t get any more gardening done after last weekend).  My daughter got a basket full of Lush bath bombs, something we both love, and then we had a lunch of herb pot roast, twice baked potatoes, garlic bread, and berry pie.  It was an all-around very nice day.

Tonight I’m crocheting a spring colored blanket with three strands of yarn… more to come.